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    julio 30, 2020 |

    Research article
    Nanotechnological characterization of allofanite and faujasite
    (Y-faujasite) catalysts and comparing with a commercial FCC catalyst

    Edward Jiménez*, Santiago Lalangui, Edison Guacho, Ana Emperatriz Paucar, Paulina
    Herrera, David Vaca, Humberto González, Patricia Ochoa, Ullrich Stahl and Gustavo López

    Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Central University of Ecuador, Quito 170521, Ecuador
    * Correspondence: Email:; Tel: +5932524766.

    Abstract: We studied the synthesis variables of the faujasite using natural clinker of the Cotopaxi
    volcano, and allophane (allofanite) from the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas as raw
    materials, as well as their physicochemical properties and their influence on the catalytic efficiency
    for Ecuadorian oil and asphalt.
    The synthesized materials were subjected to laboratory tests, like thermogravimetric
    characterization, BET area, FTIR, chemisorption and AFM. Tests of catalytic activity in crude oil and
    asphalt with different °API and percentage of Sulfur showed ranges of optimal efficiency. These
    ranges contributed to obtain a logistic regression model with min. 90% accuracy, which was entered
    into a confusion matrix. This function can be optimized in the intervals of each of the variables of
    any refinery.
    It is concluded that the logistic regression model for catalytic efficiency is sensitive to changes
    in the amount of faujasite and allophane (allofanite) in the catalytic cracking process. In the same
    way, a fundamental dependence of the surface area (BET) was found, which for the case of allophane
    is formed in contribution of each of the nanopores whose size is in the order of 3 to 5 nm, while the
    faujasite has nanopore sizes from 17 to 35 nm.
    Keywords: natural clinker; faujasite; allophane (allofanite); nanopores;

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